Wednesday, 15 June 2011

It's been awhile...

but, finally posting again! It has been a busy Spring while we are preparing to move here:

I am completely overwhelmed by the amazing gardens here. I am not an experienced gardener or very knowledgable about plants, but I am super excited to get my hands dirty and learn all I can! It is amazing to see what new is blooming each week! I wish I had taken more photos when all of the bulbs were blooming, but I guess I'll have a few more years to do that!

So most of my art & craft supplies are either packed, totally disorganized or scattered between both houses. But never fear, I always have access to something creative. Lately I've been doing a lot of knitting. Doesn't this look like the lovliest place to knit?

And there are serious perks to working in a yarn shop - if nothing else I've been able to squeeze in some knitting at work. A couple of things I've been working on lately...

A scarf made with Rizos yarn. There are several of these specialty scarf yarns at the store right now. They are so fun and easy to knit. It is like a wide ribbon and you knit in to the large loops on the one side.

These are some of the other yarns:




 I also made this sweet little baby beret and Mary Jane booties with Smiley Stripes yarn - so soft - it's 80% bamboo and 20% wool.

My sewing stuff was the first thing I moved to the new house, so I spent a couple of afternoons working on this patchwork bag for my sister-in-law. It's just like one I made for myself last year. I use it all the time now - it's become my portable knitting bag. The perfect size for a magazine, a knitting project and my water bottle. I bring it to work every day!

I will leave it at that for now! I promise to post more again soon!


  1. Yesss you're back in business, whoehahaha.... welcome back!
    I love the colours in your garden and all the scarfs too, specially the Ondas, lovely!!!

    See you!

    with love,

  2. Wow, the new place looks so amazing!!!! More pictures please!! :)